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    Welcome to the website of Jilin Rongxin Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.!
    Stock abbreviation: Jilin Rongxin Group
    Stock code: 10007272

    Contact us

    Jilin Rongxin Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
    Add: Huinan Economic Development Zone, Tonghua City, Jilin Province, China
    Tel: +86-432-8299701
    Fax: +86-435-8299718
    E-mail: rongfaliu123@163.com
    URL: www.djebbz.com


    Current page:Home > Resume

    In the development of Rongxin Group expects you to join the work hard, pragmatic. The most important quality is the responsibility of the sense of responsibility, professionalism, teamwork ability, practical work, honest man to achieve the maximum value of personal value. Here, we can grow together, progress together, may not only have the honor to experience the wind and rain, I hope we can face. Not just a job, but a career, a stage to give full play to their talent, creativity, and professional skills. Look forward to your joining, let us grow together! Come on the resume delivery address: rongfaliu123@163.com phone: 0435-6818028

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